Here at More than Vans we provide our own warranty plans underwritten by lawgistics. By providing our own plans we are in complete control of the claim/repair and can ensure the vehicle and customer are dealt with efficiently to ensure minimum downtime for our customers. We had previously used an independent well known warranty company, they made claims very difficult with long hold ups on repair and claims being authorised which was causing great disruption to our customers. This was not acceptable as our customer service is exemplary and our number 1 priority.

We have two types of cover, firstly the 'DRIVER' option which we provide a minimum of 3 months/3000 mile cover with every vehicle, mostly 6 months/ 5000 mile cover. This can be extended at an additional cost as below.

We the have the 'DRIVER PLUS' option which covers everything from the DRIVER option plus lots more, for full details of cover click here.

Below is our warranty plan costs and some more information.

Please contact us today for more any additional questions you may have about our warranty plans.

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